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Monday, November 3, 2008

October Snow in England

This Texas gal got quite a treat when it snowed at our Fetcham, England home on the night of 28 October. According to the recordkeepers, this was the first time it snowed in October in the London area since 1934! It wasn't very heavy or long-lasting, but it was historic.
Have a look at some of photos of the rare snowfall.

We had just planted these pink and white cyclamens. Fortunately, after the snow, they were thriving!

This lovely fuchsia plant sparkles in the dusting of snow.

This photo was taken from the back garden. The snow on the roof was the last thing to melt.

Our little Wendy house is just on the edge of the snow.

The rooftops of houses from our guest bedroom.

Ice crystals cling.

Palm trees in England?

And below, Sophie is just not sure what this stuff is! She was born and reared in Houston, Texas, with humidity and mosquitoes. She spent about a year in the desert conditions of Abu Dhabi. Now we have brought her to this strange new climate, filled with squirrels, foxes, wildlife, snow, falling leaves, cold temps, fireplaces, coats and other oddities!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Craft Storage

Well, I'm still working on organizing my craft and office space! However, I wanted to share some of the ways I've stored my unmounted stamps. As my craft space is on one side of the living room, I've tried to make the stored craft supplies as pleasing to the eye as possible. I use both built-in bookshelves and also our large wooden display and book shelves to hold my crafting goodies.

The first photo above shows our large Arabic bookshelves, which we use to split the long living room into two. One area of the room is for watching television and lounging. Behind the bookshelves is my craft/study.

I use the built-in shelves on one side of the room to store some of my (mostly) Stampin' Up! sets. Before we moved from Abu Dhabi, I took all my SU stamps off their wooden mounts, stripped off the old adhesive cushion, and attached EZ Mount Cushion. I now use the stamps as unmounted with my acrylic handles. The stamps take up a fraction of the space.

These are other sets of stamps from other makers, and I have found different hard plastic containers that I like for displaying them. I have these sets in our huge wooden display and book shelves.

As you can see with all my containers, I have used my label maker to create white labels with easy-to-read titles and descriptions. I can quickly find the stamps I need when working on a project.

I have other storage containers for my embellishments, including these wonderful ribbon keepers that are made of leather. I love wicker baskets and I use them for a lot of my bits and pieces.

I would show you more of my craft area, but it's currently in a terrible state! I hope to eventually take photos WHEN THE ROOM IS TIDY! Don't hold your breath! Hah