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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Robin Glory

I guess you're starting to think we're real bird fanatics, with all the bird videos we've posted! I guess we do really enjoy the English countryside wildlife. We certainly do our part to help our feathered friends and occasional furry mammal in the lean months, as well as in the glorious summer.

During the snows, the robins were particularly keen on getting their seed. We were able to get very close to them. During the warmer months, they are not very interested in the feeder, unless there are mealworms on offer. However, during the winter, they seem to be a more frequent visitor to our feeders.

Elusive Birds

It's rare to see the elusive Long-Tailed Tits at our bird feeders.

The first time I ever saw these birds was in 2002 at our previous home in Surrey -- Keepers Cottage, near Chipstead in Surrey.

At the time, I was working away on my computer in the lounge, which had a lovely window to the back garden. I just happened to turn around and see that it had begun to snow, a rarity in April. Then this flock of about six to eight Long-Tailed Tits landed on the newly budding rose bushes. The hungry beasts frantically began to munch on the rose buds for about 2 minutes, and they flew away as quickly as they came.

The weather needs to be inclement, icy or snowy before I see these stunning birds. They seem to only come in groups, never singularly.

Since moving to Hillside, I've managed to spot the Long-Tailed Tit about five times, mostly during snowy and icy conditions. Trying to get a photo or video of them is near to impossible, as they come and go so quickly.

I was quite shocked I managed to get a video of these birds at in our front garden during yesterday's snow.

If you'd like to see some really lovely photos of Long-Tailed Tits, have a look at these photos by Andy Bright: