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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Elusive Birds

It's rare to see the elusive Long-Tailed Tits at our bird feeders.

The first time I ever saw these birds was in 2002 at our previous home in Surrey -- Keepers Cottage, near Chipstead in Surrey.

At the time, I was working away on my computer in the lounge, which had a lovely window to the back garden. I just happened to turn around and see that it had begun to snow, a rarity in April. Then this flock of about six to eight Long-Tailed Tits landed on the newly budding rose bushes. The hungry beasts frantically began to munch on the rose buds for about 2 minutes, and they flew away as quickly as they came.

The weather needs to be inclement, icy or snowy before I see these stunning birds. They seem to only come in groups, never singularly.

Since moving to Hillside, I've managed to spot the Long-Tailed Tit about five times, mostly during snowy and icy conditions. Trying to get a photo or video of them is near to impossible, as they come and go so quickly.

I was quite shocked I managed to get a video of these birds at in our front garden during yesterday's snow.

If you'd like to see some really lovely photos of Long-Tailed Tits, have a look at these photos by Andy Bright:

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Crafting Queen said...

They are beautiful birds. We have a flock that visit very often in this garden. They are so quick and don't stay still very long, makes taking photos very hard.:-)
Enjoy your birdwatching.