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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Buggy Nibbles Attract Birdies

I've recently moved a number of our feeders into a plum tree in our back garden instead of only using a feeding station at the end of the garden. The metal rod feeding station with hanging feeders was being inundated with piggy starlings, and they were keeping away the little song birds. We discovered that the tree provides a lot more cover for the smaller song birds, especially the Blue and Great Tits, and they feel much more comfortable to dilly-dally around and feed through the day.

The birds are quite happy to have me sit near them while they dart in and out of the tree and feeders. It's quite relaxing to watch them, and I thought you would enjoy a glimpse of their activity.

This video is of Blue Tits flitting in and out of the caged feeder containing Buggy Nibbles, which are little suet pellets with insects and meal worm bits - yum! They love them, and they also like the fact that the bigger birds (such as the starlings and pigeons) can't bother them at this feeder.

Hope you enjoy the video!


Michi Michaelson, Orange County, CA said...

These "tits" . . . gee, I can't say that without CRINGING!!! Kinda like IMHO!!!! LOL!!!! They're so cute! What fun you can watch them in your own yard!!!!!

Marilyn Miller said...

Very nice bird feed. I haven't seen one of those. My husband, the bird watcher, would love it.

RSPB Suzy said...

We stumbled across your video and we LOVE it!

So glad you're enjoying feeding Buggy Nibbles to your birds. They are a top seller and we all feed them in our own gardens.

Thanks for sharing.