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Monday, May 17, 2010

Wisley Gardens in Springtime

It's been a wild and crazy spring thus far.

As my friends know, we traveled to Colorado during spring break, and we fell in love with Loveland, Colorado! (I know that I really need to post photos of our Rocky Mountain vacation!) We were especially fond of Estes Park, and we ended up having a lot of extra time in Estes Park and Loveland. In fact, our two-week vacation stretched into three weeks, thanks to that annoying Icelandic volcano. What a nightmare we had trying to get back to England. We spent a fortune on an extra week of accommodation, food and one-way air tickets. Geez!

While we were gone, I kept hearing from friends that the weather was absolutely gorgeous and sunny. Sure enough, when we returned home to England, the weather was miserable, gray, cold and bleak. In fact, one day, we even had sleet! Yuck!

We'd been wondering where the fine weather had gone, and we had started to give up hope that there would be any sunshine this spring. However, this Saturday was splendid! And, the weathermen are predicting warm weather through the week. Unfortunately for travelers, it seems that whenever England experiences lovely weather, we also have a return of the volcanic ash cloud, which completely disrupts the airports.

Back to the lovely Saturday weather . . . we decided to go to the Royal Horticultural Society's Wisley Gardens nearby in Woking, Surrey. My friend Catherine originally took me here a couple of years ago, and I find the place so magical. The diversity of plants and flowers is astounding. If you are planning a trip to London, I highly recommend adding Wisley Gardens. to your travel plans.

All the photos here were taken by Niall at Wisley Gardens.