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Monday, June 21, 2010

Daisies in the Garden

I planted some Ganzia, African daisies, in our back garden last Thursday. At that time, the daisies were standing tall and blooming brightly in the English sunshine. However, after planting them, our weather turned windy, overcast and downright cool for the weekend. Hubby kept looking at the Ganzia flowers, with their heads completely shut, and questioned why I purchased such reluctant specimens. I promised him that they are stunning when the sun shines and the flowers spread open.

Now that the weekend is over, OF COURSE the weather has improved, the sun has returned, the wind has died down, and the temperatures are warmer. I have taken photos of the Ganzia as proof to my husband that they really do open up during the day!

In addition, the Livingstone Daisies are finally blooming, too. They also wait for the nudging of the sun before they open and share their vibrant colors.

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