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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Feathered Visitor

We have a new regular visitor to our English garden: a pheasant. 

She's been coming once or twice a day to poke around on the seeds that fall from the bird feeders. She mixes it up with the wood pigeons that fly over from Norbury Woods across the road. 

Hopefully, she will stay clear of the other garden visitor, Foxy, that I mentioned in the previous post.


Marilyn Miller said...

Love seeing your visitor and the daffodils. How lovely to sit in your garden with this view.

Antiques And Teacups said...

Hi Kathy...just found you here. Then we won't be OT on ATAA. My DH was born in Lady Wood not far from Villa park & lived in Shirley.

We had canada geese when we lived at a lake in No California. They came and took turns sitting on the heating system vents on the roof of the house next door in the winter who left there heating on low so the pipes wouldn't freeze (we were at 5,000 ft altitude). They were quite fun and we loved it when the chartreuse fluffy little babies arrived in spring. But they were messy! Your photos brought back memories.

We didn't have foxes but did have bears, mountain lions and deer in the yard.
Oh...my DH doesn't like trifle for the same reason as stated for blanc mange!