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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

More August Sunset Images

Here are some photos taken the other evening when storm clouds were gathering on the Rocky Mountains (near Estes Park). We are down in the foothills, and these photos were taken from Mariana Butte Golf Course.

In the photo above, you can see the reflection of the sunset in the golf course pond. However, the camera could not capture the true richness of the skies. If you watch the video from my earlier post, you'll be able to see just how moody and vibrant the skies were.

Below, I played around with the camera settings to achieve these darker and richer tones; however, the foreground detail is missing.

August Sunset in Mariana Butte

The changing weather is fascinating to watch as it hangs and dances over the Rocky Mountains. Niall and I decided to have a short walk in the Mariana Butte neighborhood, and we were amazed about the colors in the sky. I ran home for the camera and shot a bit of video. It was getting dark, so the camera struggled with the focus, but I still managed to capture a bit of the mood and action. You will notice  the lightening on the mountain; I didn't think I caught it but was happy to see I did!