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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Dawn Rise at Buckingham Lake

One advantage of having jet leg and getting up early is the ability to catch dawn rise over our lake. During the winter, there are some amazing colors that merge and morph and change over Buckingham Lake, around 6:15 to 6:45. Each day is a little different. And, you can also so the lights and colors dance on the ice on the lake. Here are a variety of photos taken on the morning of December 13th. Enjoy!

Geese on the March

We've been awaiting a visitation by the geese this winter on our icy Buckingham Lake. Two Christmas holidays ago, the geese were on our property at least once a day. You could here them as they came into land on the ice, heralding their arrival with punctuated honks. 

Although they can leave a mess on our lawn, we rarely go to the lakeshore when it's iced up. And, the trade-off is the amusement they provide.

They are quite humorous as the tentatively place their webbed feet on the ice, skating as they go. Sometimes they lose their footing and plop on the icy surface (I can understand that!). Other times they chase each other around the ice, protecting their patch (not sure what is worth protecting!). At the lake edge, they are able to break through the young ice and nibble at submerged but fresh grass.

Mariana Butte and the area can see hundreds of geese at one time in one place. While commonplace, I don't think I'll ever take their presence for granted.