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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Birthday Celebration

Here are a few of my latest photos from birthday celebrations this week, including what I am dubbing the "birthday altar."

There's a mixture of Christmas and birthday cards because cross-celebrating often happens when one has a January birthday! I received some beautiful cards, with many of them handmade by my crafty friends.
I also snapped a photo of a collection of snowmen on our fireplace mantel.

Removing the twinkling fairy lights after Christmas is always hard, especially if the weather is cold, grey and cloudy. Keeping a strand to illuminate my snow friends is one way to cheer us up until spring!

Here are some snaps of my newest tea sets, Portmeirion's Eden and also Holly & Ivy.

Some of the pieces were purchased for Christmas and some for the January birthday. I really love the Eden set, but it feels a bit premature to use it when their is a heavy frost on the ground!

With a nickname like 'teawife,' you know I love the tea drinking experience! I have found my collecting of tea paraphernalia to have changed over time. I used to collect single mugs when we traveled; I'd have a mug to remember every vacation. Now we seem to travel to fewer places, so I'm not as likely to collect mugs. I also collected solitary teapots, but now I find it is much more useful to have full tea services (teapot, sugar bowl, cups, mugs, milk jug, plates, etc.). These full sets come in handy when my friends come over to craft and chat.

There is something quite elegant and special to hold a saucer in one hand and sip from an exquisite cup. I never used to be the type of person to appreciate that experience; I always liked mugs, and I still love mugs and use them daily, but now I enjoy the ritual of bringing out a beautiful tea cup that has lovely shape, form and weight.

Retirement might change me again; we hope to spend more time travelling once again when dear hubby has a free schedule. What will I collect then? And don't say 'wrinkles'!