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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Black Fox, White Snow

I've crossed the 'big ole pond,' from our Hillside home in England to our lakehouse in Colorado. Although Easter is just around the corner and it's officially spring, I was surprised that we had a snow storm and about 8 inches of the white stuff. Looking out yesterday morning on the expanse of white on our lawn, I saw a magnificent black fox run across the property. Unfortunately, it was too quick for me to grab my camera. This morning, after the snow had stopped, I decided to walk down to the nearby golf course to snap some shots of the snow-capped mountains. As it turned out, they were well-hidden behind the mist and clouds; only the foothills were showing. As I was snapping some photos, out of the corner of my eye, I saw movement. It was the gorgeous black fox with its thick rich winter coat. 

He didn't look too pleased to see me, and he dashed across the golf course. Too bad I didn't have the zoom lens, instead of the wind angle; but I still very lucky to capture this rare encounter.

You can see more photos of the black fox on my Teawife Facebook page

The snowy conditions also were also encouraging the birds to grab some grub at our neighbors' feeder, which they have attached to their upstairs balcony. The red-breasted house finch is especially pretty!

 Below is a bird perched on a snow-covered branch on the lakeshore.

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La Tea Dah said...

The black fox is a good size. We have red foxes where I live, but they are much smaller. Great photo shot!