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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Proud Robin

We've had so many robins, which are normally very territorial, diving into our bird feeders for suet pellets and sunflower seeds. They wait for us in the morning to fill the feeder. They will even come up to the kitchen window and look in if we are running late. Then they practically fly on top of us as we come out with the goodies. I will miss the English robin when we move to Colorado. 

Bluebells in Norbury Woods

 As the pages of the calendar are turned, the flowers of the seasons also change here in Surrey, England. Snowdrops in January, crocus in February, narcissus in March, daffodils in April, and bluebells in May.

Okay, so it doesn't always go as smoothly as flipping a calendar page. In fact, this year's British winter was long and chilly, and spring seems stuttering to take off. I've run heaters and used the fireplace in this month of May. I have the heaters running again today.

When hubby and I walked in Norbury Woods two weeks ago, we didn't know if there would be any bluebells because it has been so chilly, gray and wet. We were gleeful when we approached the meadow, where the bluebells usually bloom, and saw the blanket of blue!

In addition, March and April are the lambing seasons, and it is wonderful to see the new lambs in the fields. By May, these lambs are a little braver and curious. There are fields along the Norbury Woods and we enjoyed seeing mum sheep with their offspring.

Living in a land that changes with the season makes each walk in Norbury Woods a treat and mystery: what will we see today? Here are some photos that hubby and I took on our early May stroll.

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Our five-year expat experience in Surrey, England, is coming to an end in about six weeks when we relocate back to the US. I'll then be posting photos from Colorado and other places that we travel.