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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Weather contrasts

Yesterday, July 15th, saw a cold front blow through the middle of the country, including pushing down from Wyoming to Colorado.

We had gone to the mall around noon and decided to watch a movie, knowing that afternoon storms were predicted. When we got out of the MetroLux, the threatening black skies were rolling in from the north, and we got in the Pathfinder and high-tailed it home, watching the black clouds chase us the whole way. Once the vehicle was tucked away in the garage, the winds picked up to at least 60 mph, and the old hundred-year-old cottonwood in our back yard was bending like a young sapling. Scary. Ten minutes later, the skies opened up and torrential rain and pebble-sized hail came down for about 20 minutes. Crazy!

New day, and it was cloudy and stormy-looking during the afternoon. Before sunset, the rain and winds whipped up again, but so far, no hail. However, we did get this magnificent large rainbow emanating from Lake Buckingham and arcing into the skies. Gorgeous.

The cooler weather from this system that blew in will last a few days. Then we have the joy of shooting up to 100 early next week. Boo.

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