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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Strawberries, Squirrels, Spiders & Snakes!!

When we had our backyard landscape redone a few years ago, there was one new huge bed that I decided to dedicate to berries. The landscaper thought I was nuts. He thought boring shrubs, which occasionally bloom, would be the better option. However, I decided to plant a variety of thornless blackberries, raspberries, gooseberries, honey berries and strawberries.

I planted strawberries in England in an old sandbox in some very poor sandy soil. To my surprise, the strawberries flourished there. I enjoyed going outside to pluck these intensely sweet and fragrant strawberries, and I wanted to do the same here in Colorado.

I started with four very small insignificant plants two summers ago. Oh my gosh. Would you look at what's happened? The strawberries have spread over the entire bed -- in and around the tree, over the stones, between the berry bushes, and everywhere they can dig in their tendrils!

I also found that much of the wildlife loves my strawberry patch -- spiders, squirrels, raccoons and SNAKES! There is one Mama snake who has taken up residence (and raised her young) in a corner of the patch. She's shed skin twice this spring, and she looks at least 2 feet long. Here is a snippet of her body I managed to photograph before she slithered into the rocks

I use a pole to push the leaves around to hunt for berries. I'm not putting my hand in there without carefully checking first!!!!